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HBIC/ Co-Owner

I was a hairstylist for about 13 years here in Atlanta. Throughout the years I've definitely struggled with my weight. I wish I was that person who gets up and says“I can't wait to workout"!  I would do anything to be that person!

I tried everything and nothing felt right. My best friend and now business partner, Missy, started kickboxing and said "Alixx, you have to come with me I think you'll love it". So being a good friend I said, "Hell yes"! I was so scared and intimidated when I went to my first class but being with a friend made it easier.


The first time I got my hands wrapped and punched a heavy bag I felt so badass! I knew at that moment kickboxing was what I had been searching for. It was intense but so much fun! It's the first workout I've ever stuck with and really found a passion for. We both loved it and just thought "we need more girls in these classes"!


We opened VESTA Movement so that women weren't so intimidated to get into kickboxing. Don't get us wrong we want the men too! But it can be hard starting at a new gym let alone somewhere that isn't very female friendly. So we want everyone to join in our journey to Kickboxing, Strength, and Community! 

You can find Alixx running the behind the scenes of VESTA. Whether it's getting new merch designed or managing accounts, she keeps VESTA's heart (and yours) pumping.

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