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Missy was the heaviest she’d ever been. A lifetime of bad eating habits, bartending late hours and sleeping all day, and zero motivation to exercise were to blame. She was sick and miserable during her 20’s which should have been an awesome time in her life. She had to make some major changes.


Missy tried a couple of different exercise programs with little interest and few results... And then found kickboxing. It was LOVE. The weight came off and her self esteem went up. She took classes every day, and started training under professional fighters to really concentrate on technique. She knew that she wanted to dedicate her life to this newfound passion and share it with the rad people of her favorite city.


Today, Missy is an ISSA Certified Trainer andBrand Ambassador for Lululemon, SOCIETY9, and NOOMA. She’s led group fitness classes for ATLiens on the Beltline, been featured in Atlanta Magazine, and Jezebel Magazine. Most of all, she is the proud Co-Founder and Kickboxing Instructor of Atlanta’s Best Startup and Best Gym (3 yrs running) according to Creative Loafing and Atlanta Magazine.

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