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1. Masks are REQUIRED if you're not vaccinated! Masks are encouraged if you're vaccinated. 

2. No iPad. Members will be checked in by a desk person. Please give them your name upon entering. 

3. We will be wiping counters, computers, door handles, bathrooms and every shared surface after each class. 

4. Hand wrapping for kickboxing classes will be done AT the bag, not in the lobby or cubby area. 

5. Bags marked with blue tape are not to be used. 

6. Kickboxing instructors will be teaching from a designated bag, and will not be doing demos on any occupied bag.

7. Sanitizers and towels will be provided in HIIT classes. HIIT equipment will be disinfected after each use before switching to another station. 

8. Please do not congregate in any common areas. (We know this sucks, and we are gonna miss chatting it up with everyone- but please not inside the building for the time being)

9. All classes will now be 45 minutes. 

10. Mats and bags will be sprayed/disinfected after each class. 

11. Class times will be staggered as follows, allowing for 15 mins for guests to not share the same space, and more time to clean! 

12. Kickboxing- no partner work, no padwork, no stations, no running around the room. You will remain at your bag for the entirety of the class. 


13.We are sorry, but no showers at our West Midtown location for now. 



We are so excited to see you all again!!!!! Classes are open for booking now! See you soon, and thank you for your understating and patience. We are so grateful for y’all. 

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